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Born in Adelaide, I spent much of my life in Adelaide’s western suburbs. I lived in Whyalla S.A. for 2 years, and later on moved to Adelaide’s northern suburbs (close to the beautiful and well known Barossa Valley). I became accustomed to the typically hotter dryer climate of S.A., and came to accept 35 degrees C. as my perfect temperature. For this reason I have been nicknamed “Lizzy” (The Lizard).

I have studied Economics, Accounting and I.T., and have spent many years working in either Accounting, or dual Accounting / I.T. roles. My interest in I.T. began with Certificate studies at TAFE S.A. which were quite hands-on. I went on to study I.T. at university in order to broaden my knowledge. My studies included Java, database, and web servers and web technology. From there I developed an interest in website development.

WordPress (primarily) has become a hobby.eva beach 2014 SydneyLots of Accounting and / or computing involves lots of sitting. I balance this out by visiting the gym about 5 times per week. My favourites are weights and treadmill. I enjoy the classes at times, and my latest craze is interval training.

I have a moto which has been with me since High School:

`Reach For The Stars’

(Woodville High School S.A. moto). I believe that you should reach for the stars by striving to be the best that you can be. Set your goal post, then strive to reach it. When you reach it, move the goal post further. (:
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