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Life With a Blind Great Dane

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‘Either decision is the Right Decision’.

It was a very sad day, that day in November 2014, when the veterinary eye specialist informed us that our beautiful old Great Dane had indeed lost the sight in her ‘good’ eye.Dayna had suffered from Glaucoma for a couple of years by then, and had had her left eye removed, as it had gone blind, and replaced with a ‘bionic’ eye (which did not have any vision, but moved much like a real eye).For the year following the operation on her left eye, we kept up treatment on her right eye with Travatan. This helped to stave off the blindness for quite a while, but just as the eye specialist had predicted, the Glaucoma eventually won, and Dayna became blind.

Even though we knew that the day would eventually come, Dayna’s blindness came with uncertainty, sorrow, and caused Dayna to lapse into a form or depression and perhaps also shock, as for the first few days of blindness, Dayna would not eat, drink or move.

The day before blindness, all was normal. Dayna went out for her daily walk, ate, drank, and generally lounged around (as dane’s do).The day after blindness, we had an 85kg dane that we couldn’t feed…or move.We called the vet out to our home, as we were unable to get Dayna into the car. At that point, the vet said that we could do either of two things. The first was to wait it out, and see whether Dayna would start eating, drinking and moving. The other alternative would be to put her down. According to the vet ‘either decision would be the right decision’.We loved Dayna very much so did not want to put her down. On the other hand, she was already approximately 8 or so by then (not 100% sure of her age as she was a rescue). Furthermore, we now had a giant breed, which we could not move, and refused to do anything. It was a tough decision.We waited….after about 36 hours of no movement, we decided that we should call the vet to put her down. We called at about 8am. The vet was due to arrive at 12pm. The time drew near and we thought that it was all over. So sad.  dayna at sophies
  At 11.45am, (15 mins. before the vet was due to arrive), Dayna decided that it was finally time to get up. Unbelievable !!!Dayna relieved herself….finally, and then very foot at a time, nosed her way over to her food bowl. It was great to see that she finally also wanted to eat something….a good sign.Dayna had made the decision for us. It was evident that she didn’t want to end it there, even though she was now blind.  dayna park
 Dayna at dog park 1 For the next few days, Dayna spent most of her time laying down. She’d get up and relieve herself, have a little to eat a few times throughout the day, but most of the time she spent sleeping.It still didn’t look good. It was as though Dayna was suffering a depression, and was finding life difficult. We still weren’t sure whether the best thing for her…was keeping her alive.

The question was,  were we keeping Dayna alive for her benefit…or for ours?

We questioned whether keeping Dayna alive in her condition, was good for her, she didn’t seem happy or healthy !!

There were times when she just lay there for many hours.

Once more we called the vet in. We finally decided that she was not going to improve, but again, just before the vet arrived, Dayna started moving around.

 There was always one thing which made Dayna happy….a Walk.We decided to start taking her for short walks.At first, Dayna had short 15 to 20 minute walks, and although she couldn’t see, she still enjoyed them, as it enabled her to explore via her keen sense of smell.

3 Months Later

It took a good three months for Dayna to get used to being blind.

By this time, she knew how to get around her own home, and knew the regular sounds and routine of the household.

Dayna knew how to find her food area and water buckets, navigating her way around the home and backyard on her own.

6 Months Later

By 6 months, Dayna could go back to the dog park….off the lead, although still under constant supervision.Dayna at dog park 2It was at 6 months, that Dayna (as a Great Dane)..did some twirls…even at her old age (and any Great Dane owner knows, that this means that she’s excited).

 Dayna at dog park 3

 9 Months Later

Dayna is back to ripping up the odd old pillow….being her old naughty self, and having longish 45 to 60 minute daily walks.

Ir took her a while to get used to her condition, but she eventually did.



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